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About this page (and a little about myself)
Over the years since the web came to be, I have tried on and off to have some kind of website of my own. As usual, when people are busy with other more important stuff, their grand initial ideas about a full-fledged “virtual presence” tend to take a back seat to more urgent matters, and I was no exception. Classes, projects, thesis, graduation, grad-school, dating, projects, papers, thesis, papers, projects, marriage, dissertation, papers, finding a job, papers, work, and oh, did I mention papers? Anyway, so over time there was usually only very little change on this website, which mostly serves as a place to access my most commonly visited bookmarks, and maybe a couple of pictures. Recently, though, I felt the need to at least visually overhaul these pages into a more pleasant experience. And for sake of simplicity I chose to create them using a commercial package rather than hand-coding efficient HTML as I have done in the past. Methinks, the interwebs are fast enough these days to shovel across the odd extra megabyte or so, anyway.
Atari Demoscene

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In my professional life I am an architect in the Embedded Communications Group at Intel Corporation. I hold a PhD in computer engineering, with a specialization in applied cryptography. You can find a bit more about that under the work and research links above.
Privately, I enjoy dabbling around in all kinds of creative endeavors, mostly centered around computers and music. I play guitar, as well as some keyboards, and I try to combine the two in songs that I create on my computer. Way back, while in high school, I spent most of my spare time in the Atari demoscene, creating music on a very limited hardware platform. Around the mid-nineties the PC got more powerful and I used mostly Linux and Windows, certainly preferring the former. A few years ago I converted to the cult of Mac, so that’s my preferred platform at the moment, although I must stress that I am not a diehard “fanboi” by any means.
I am happily married and live in the Bay Area with my wife Nastaran. No kids, as of yet, but we’re still young, right? “RIGHT!” ;-)
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