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In April 2007 I joined Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California, to work in the architecture team of the Embedded and Communications Group. Previously, while in grad-school at WPI, I have been an intern at Intel Massachusetts, in Hudson, where I started working on the Project Tolapai, which just recently was officially announced by Intel as the Embedded Processor EP80579. It’s a great joy to experience the big hububb around the release and to know that your work is part of the effort.
My work at Intel is centered around content processing and cryptographic acceleration for communication-centric workloads. Think of it as an offload engine that lets the main CPU save cycles do other stuff.
Before I joined Intel full-time, I was a Ph.D. student and research assistant in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, working with Dr. Berk Sunar in the Cryptography and Information Security Lab.
Other internship experiences included a brief stint at the start-up rTrust Technologies in Corvallis, Oregon, in the summer of 2001, working on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and efficient multipliers for modular arithmetic. This was a close collaboration with the Information Security Lab of Oregon State University where I worked with Dr. Çetin Koç, a professor at OSU.
Prior to coming to the U.S., I worked as an intern and a student co-op at Tara Systems GmbH, an embedded software developer in Munich, Germany. I also was an intern at the German subsidiary of Keithley Instruments, as an electronics technician.
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A Brief Curriculum Vitae
May 2007: PhD in Computer Engineering,
       Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
May 2002: MSc in Electrical Engineering,
       Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
Oct 2000: BSc in Electrical Engineering,
       Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
Work Experience:
Apr 2007 - present: Intel Corporation,
Santa Clara, CA
Embedded systems architect for cryptographic content processing
2002 - 2007: Worcester Polytechnic Institute,
Worcester, MA
Research Assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the Cryptography and Information Security Lab of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, working on various aspects of cryptographic hardware and embedded systems. Major projects: public-key cryptography for ultra-low power devices, tamper-resistant public-key arithmetic, and versatile Montgomery multiplier architectures.
Summer 2003, 2004 & 2005: Intel Massachusetts Inc.,
Hudson, MA
Internship as embedded hardware architect in the Embedded and Communcations Group, working on hardware acceleration for cryptographic workloads
Summer 2001: rTrust Technologies Inc.,
Corvallis, OR
Internship as an embedded software engineer, developing test for an elliptic curve cryptography library on Palm OS, and performing research into efficient modular multiplier architectures
Mar 1999 - Aug 2000: Tara Systems GmbH
Munich, Germany
Internship and student co-op as an embedded software engineer, working on applications for TV data broadcast (teletext, Teleweb), and data analysis of DVB service information
Sep 1996 - Feb 1997: Keithley Instruments GmbH,
Germering, Germany
Internship as an Electronics Technician, repairing and callibrating digital multimeters, high precision voltage and current sources.
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